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Understanding International Voltages




Across New Zealand’s major trading partners, there are main differences in residential voltage and utility frequency used for providing electrical power to appliances, equipment and lighting. Some countries have more than one voltage available for appliances requiring greater power, in these instances different plugs are mandated for different voltage or current levels.


Please be aware that physical compatibility of receptacles may not ensure compatibility of voltage, frequency or connection to earth, including plugs and cords.


Below are the residential voltage and utility frequency of major countries.


Countries Voltage Frequency
Taiwan 110 V 60 Hz
Canada 120 V 60 Hz
USA 120 V 60 Hz
Hong Kong 220 V 50 Hz
China 220 V 50 Hz
South Korea 220 V 60 Hz
New Zealand 230 V 50 Hz
United Kingdom 230 V 50 Hz
Australia 230 V 50 Hz


230 V 50 Hz


230 V 50 Hz
India 230 V 50 Hz
Malaysia (and most of Africa) 240 V 50 Hz


For obvious reasons, anything purchased in the United Kingdom will work in New Zealand and Australia. On the contrary, something purchased in the United States would not work in New Zealand. Also be cautious when purchasing something in a country with 220 V or 240 V as even these slight variations can be catastrophic in certain circumstances.

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