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  4. Paradigm X-30 High Pass Subwoofer Control Unit (Second Hand)

Paradigm X-30 High Pass Subwoofer Control Unit (Second Hand)

Paradigm Paradigm X-30 Subwoofer Control Unit
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Paradigm X-30 High Pass Subwoofer Control Unit (Second Hand) Purchase OnlinePrice per item: $179.00
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    Paradigm X-30 Subwoofer Control Unit (Second Hand)


    Paradigm X-30 Subwoofer Control Unit. Bring your subwoofer to life and overall improve the sound of your audio/ home theater system. Its table top design allows for simple and easy access for tuning your sub for optimum performance.


    The X-30 employs high-quality active circuitry. The high-pass section topology is third-order active Sallen-Key, implementing a Butterworth transfer function. Butterworth is claimed to give the best compromise between attenuation rate and group delay. The X-30 uses 1% metal-film resistors and 5% metal/polyester-film capacitors. The low-pass section also uses a third-order, 18dB/octave slope, and it has two mono RCA subwoofer outputs that can be run independently or together.

    Please note that the X-30 is a line-level device, made to work in conjunction with a stereo preamplifier's main outputs. It will also work with receivers or integrated amplifiers that have variable preamp line outputs -- not tape outputs. In the case where you have an

    This is a very flexible subwoofer crossover for diyers making their own subs, or for those that need to add some extra tuning to their limited plate amp crossovers. It has 4 different phase adjustments, a lowpass filter that goes down to 35hz, and 3 different highpass filters for your main/monitor speakers( you can select one of three fixed crossover frequencies: 50Hz, 80Hz, or 120Hz)
    All in/outputs are gold plated.


    This subwoofer control unit from Paradigm is in good second hand condition with a few exterior scratches on the bottom. Original box, packaging or manuals are not included.


    AC Adaptor included:

    • Input: 230 - 240V - 50Hz
    • 24VAC
    • 100m/A

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