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PMC Fact Fenestria Flagship Floorstanding Speakers

PMC Fact Fenestria
PMC Fact Fenestria Flagship Floorstanding SpeakersPurchase OnlinePrice per item: $127,485.00In StockQuantity: Finishes Add To Cart Email Me More Info

PMC's Take on Acoustic Perfection

Elegant design and advanced engineering come together to produce the ultimate musical listening experience. The top-of-the-range fact model combines new materials, innovative aerodynamic engineering, groundbreaking vibration-cancelling design, cutting-edge cabinets and drivers, PMC's patented Advanced Transmission Line (ATL™) bass-loading technology and state-of-the-art looks to create a loudspeaker which adds no sound of its own to the music it reproduces.




No Added Flavours or Colourings

Other loudspeakers produce unwanted vibrations in the drivers and cabinet that colour the sound. Just as a shaky camera cannot produce a clearly focused image, these unwanted vibrations reduce the clarity and precision of the sonic imaging. With fenestria, such unwanted resonances and unnatural colouration are engineered out of the design, leaving nothing but music.


Suspended in Space

The nest’s minimal, sculpted form is decoupled from the cabinet, connecting with it minimally via four isolation mounts. This excludes vibrations that might colour the treble and mid-range, while the baffle-less design excludes reflections that degrade the imaging in traditional cabinet loudspeakers, creating the sonic impression that the drivers are suspended freely in space.


Literally Groundbreaking

As well as acoustically damping the nest to prevent distortion in the Fenestria's mid-range and treble drivers, to reduce unwanted low-frequency vibration from the bass drivers and ATL, they have employed an innovative design concept derived from technology used to prevent earthquake damage to tall buildings. The planar sides of the speakers move in opposition to the unwanted vibrations cancelling them out.


Vibration Cancellation

All loudspeaker cabinets, irrespective of their structure and weight, radiate energy at their resonant frequency. Extensive vibration studies carried out during Fenestria’s development phase gave the PMC design team the precise data they needed to tackle this issue in the evolving loudspeaker. Adding a large weight (a so-called tuned mass damper) to the top of skyscrapers prevents the formation of destructive seismic vibrations during earthquakes. As the building oscillates, the mass moves in opposition, cancelling out the unwanted resonances. Using the same principles, the planar wings of Fenestria’s cabinet have been precisely engineered to resonate in opposition to rest of the loudspeaker assembly, so that unwanted vibrations are eliminated before they ever leave the cabinet



  • Available Finishes: Tiger Ebony, Rich Walnut, White Silk
  • Crossover Frequency: 3.8kHz & 380Hz
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 1700 x 370 x D 623 mm (including binding posts)
  • Drive Units: 
    • Low: 6.5” transverse-weave, carbon-fibre, multicellular-core piston driver
    • Mid Range: 75mm rear-chambered, soft-dome driver isolated in nest mount
    • Tweeter: 19.5mm, SONOMEX™ soft-dome, ferro-fluid-cooled driver with 36mm wide surround, neodymium magnet, micro custom chassis, silicone Aureole™ isolation mount
  • Effective ATL™ Length: 2 x 2.4 m (7.9ft)
  • Frequency Response: 23Hz - 25kHz
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Input Connectors: Hex-Rhodium 4mm binding posts (3 pairs) accepting 4mm plugs, spades & bare wire
  • Sensitivity: 86dB @ 1W, 1m
  • Weight: 80 kg each, including plinth


Check out the brochure for in depth details - PMC Fact Fenestria Speaker Brochure



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