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ZMF Auteur Open Back Headphones

ZMF Headphones Auteur
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ZMF Auteur Open Back Headphones


An Auteur is an artist who controls so many aspects of a specific work that their influence makes them the “author” of that endeavor. With the Auteur, ZMF have created a tuning and headphone platform that allows the listener to “author” their listening experience. The scene starts with the open, universally appealing ZMF tuning showcasing their version of “neutral”. The listener then authors their experience with either perforated Eikon pads for a warmer sound quality, or the auteur pads which will create an even further sense of neutrality. ZMF premium headphones are responsive to all aspects of the audio chain and will truly allow the audiophile the distinct pleasure of artistic control.


“The Auteur is very resolving and the most neutral/balanced ZMF Headphone. It’s super detailed and micro-detailed - lots of data in the music - all delivered in a very natural and musical way. Still very “music first” with excellent timbre, like all the ZMFs. The stage is
very open sounding, it’s balanced, but with a slightly darkened tint that makes it a great headphone for just about anything. It’s a damn impressive headphone.”

— Dave Hanson, Enjoy The Music


The ZMF Auteur is the epitome of ZMF Headphones craftsmanship, sound and style. Their first open back headphone takes musicality and engagement and blends it with effortless resolve and head-staging. The result is a sound that's just right, with a protean tactility that makes the Auteur perfect with any genre.



  • Ambrosia Maple wood
  • Frequency Response: Approximately 10 Hz to 25 KHZ
  • Impedance: 300 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 97 dB/mW
  • Warranty: Lifetime for Driver, 2 years parts and mechanical
  • Weight (est.): 470g
  • Pads: Auteur and Eikon Perforated Pads
  • Case: Seahorse SE 340 Hardcase
  • Stock Cable: 1 x ZMF Stock

ZMF Auteur Close UpZMF Auteur Front On ViewZMF Auteur Left Side ViewZMF Auteur Band View

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