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WireWorld Nano Eclipse Headphone Cable

WireWorld NEH
WireWorld Nano Eclipse Headphone CablePurchase Onlinenot currently available Enquire Now

Eclipsing the competition...


You've just invested in a killer pair of phones, and now you're looking for way to make them really sing. This premium cable features the purest OCC Copper, and will open the path so more dynamic detail can get from the source to your ears. Get the most out of your headphones by giving them the connection they deserve.


Utilizing the same world-class design as its higher priced siblings, Nano-Eclipse is the cable for those who refuse to compromise when it comes to preserving the natural timbre of instruments and voices. Nano-Eclipse features Wireworld’s unique DNA Helix cable design with silver-clad OFC plugs for superior contacts.


This cable is available in multiple different headphone terminations. Plugs MUST be specified for both ends.



  • Design: DNA Helix
  • Signal Conductors:Qty: 2 (8 strands) Gauge: 27AWG  |  0.1 sq. mm
  • Conductor Material: OCC Copper
  • Insulation: Composilex 2
  • Plug Contacts: Silver-clad
  • There are many more terminations available than just those listed!



Price (2m)

AKG K701, Q701 1-mini XLR 3-pin $399.00
AUDEZE LCD 2/3 2-mini XLR 4-pin $549.00
HiFiMan 6/300/400/500 2-SMC plugs $549.00
Oppo PM1/PM2 2-2.5mm mono plugs $549.00
Oppo PM3/PSB-M4U2/NAD 1-3.5mm 4-pin, no mic $399.00
Sennheiser HD580/600/650 2-dual pin molded plugs $549.00
Sennheiser HD700 2-2.5mm mono plugs $549.00
Sennheiser HD800 2-HD800 plugs $999.00


Online order is unavailable for this product.

Terminations must be specified. As this cable is custom terminated,

contact us at the shop to discuss pricing and relevant delivery times.  


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