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Audioquest Cinnamon Optical Cable - 3m

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Audioquest Cinnamon Optical Cable - 3mPurchase OnlinePrice per item: $219.00(3m)not currently available Enquire Now

Audioquest Cinnamon Optical Cable


AudioQuest designed the Cinnamon OptiLink to provide a distortion-free connection between your digital audio components — CD players, Blu-ray or DVD players — to A/V receivers, DACs, and even some sound bars. The core of the Cinnamon is a finely polished, low-distortion polymer fiber conductor that minimises signal loss and jitter (time-based distortion). The cable has full-size Toslink connectors at each end, reinforced by a brass ferrule, which helps ensure ideal light transmission for the highest quality sound.




0.75m $139.00
3.0m $219.00



Optical cables carry signals as pulses of light rather than a stream of electrons, so they are virtually impervious to magnetic or electrical interference. Whether you're feeding stereo music to a DAC or Dolby Digital surround sound to your receiver, the optical cable is an important and often overlooked link in the signal chain. The quality of your cable matters.

  • Lower-dispersion higher purity fiber
  • Low-jitter (digital timing errors)
  • Finely polished optical interface
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