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Oppo PM-2 Planar Magnetic Headphones

Discontinued | The Listening Post Christchurch
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OPPO PM-2 Planar Magnetic Headphones


The OPPO PM-2 Planar Magnetic headphones are characterized by a distillation of the OPPO PM-1’s key acoustic and industrial design features into a more affordable price point. It is the result of many years of research led by a team comprised of passionate audio and acoustics engineers, chemical and materials scientists, and audiophiles.


OPPO PM-2 has a planar magnetic driver that has much better phase coherency since all parts of the diaphragm are vibrating in concert without break up and delayed resonance. It has a flat conductor pattern that does not have any inductive components. This eliminates inductance related intermodulation distortion, which is especially common in dynamic drivers with high impedance and a high number of voice coil turns.


To get the most of the Oppo PM-2 with a balanced headphone amplifier, try the Official Balanced Headphone Cable: Oppo PM-1 / PM-2 Balanced Cable


Why choose Oppo PM2 ?

  • Phase Coherence
  • Purely Resistive Impedance
  • Double-Sided Spiraling Coils
  • FEM-Optimized Magnet System
  • High Sensitivity
  • Easily Replaceable Components
  • Build Quality

The headphones have been tested to very high standards to withstand mechanical and environmental stress in order to guarantee exceptional performance throughout its lifespan.


Oppo PM-2 HeadphonesOppo PM-2 HeadphonesOppo PM-2 HeadphonesOppo PM-2 Headphones
Oppo PM-2 Headphones

Oppo PM-2 Headphones


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