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McIntosh C2500 Tube Preamplifier

McIntosh C2500 Tube Preamplifier
Discontinued | The Listening Post Christchurch
McIntosh C2500 Tube Preamplifier
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The C2500 blends the most up to date McIntosh technology with the romantic sound of the Tube Amplifer. The C2500 boasts the best measured performance of any single-chassis McIntosh tube preamplifier by separating the power supply, digital and control circuitry from the noise circuitry from the noise sensitive analogue audio sections.




  • Very high quality valve pre-amplification
  • McIntosh Digital Engine (USB, Co-ax and Optical inputs)
  • Unbeatable MM and MC Phono Stage
  • Balanced & Single ended inputs & outputs
  • Extremely close to the performance of C500 two box pre-amp


Six dual triode tubes ensure the finest pre-amplification of high level sources and phono playback, and tone controls may be assigned to individual sources as needed. Up to three stereo power amplifiers may be connected at one time with the ability to switch two of them on and off to simplify whole-house audio distribution.‚Äč


"The C2500 sounds... as it looks – noble, elegant and without nervousness."



The C2500 has a remarkable digital section. Capable of 32bit /192kHz sampling, high resolution music demands are met. It manages to do this while still retaining the romance of tube sound.


The chassis itself is carefully designed to minimise noise in the analog section of the amplifier. The beautiful stainless steel design shields the analog section from the power supply and control circuitry.



The best single box preamplifier available for under $15,000.


Further information is available in the brochure:



An extensive review on this product is available here:







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