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Dynaudio Sub250

Discontinued | The Listening Post Christchurch
Dynaudio Sub250Purchase OnlinePrice per item: $1,999.00as at 1/01/2014not currently available Enquire Now

Elegant and musically accurate.


A subwoofer serves to provide more to a system than simply add deep bass. Incorporating a subwoofer to augment the low frequency performance of any stereo or multi-channel loudspeaker system offers an additional benefit: by reducing the strain on the speakers in terms of reproducing extreme bass information, the overall quality of midrange frequencies and the sound stage reproduction in general are greatly improved.


The High- Pass filter on the Sub 250 crossover enhances the general performance and imaging of the main speakers by reducing inter-modulation distortion.


The Dynaudio Sub250 Subwoofer is the most compact sub-bass solution from Dynaudio. Utilizing its powerful 10" woofer in a sealed enclosure that measures less than a cubic metric foot, the Sub 250 delivers a very high level of performance in multi-channel or sub/sat applications where only a modest sized subwoofer would fit. Incorporating a 200 Watt amplifier, its back panel features a selectable gain setting, a variable Low-Pass Filter (50 Hz to 150 Hz), and a selectable phase switch (0º or 180º).


There is one LFE RCA input and output, as well as an RCA SAT/SUB Input and an RCA SAT output.

The SAT High-Pass Filter is also selectable (Flat, 60 Hz, or 80 Hz).

The band-pass filtered inputs and outputs make it perfectly suited as a mate for any of the Dynaudio compact monitors in a high quality sub/sat stereo system, where it would produce a purely audiophile grade performance.


For more information checkout the brochure - Sub 250, (.pdf Format; 36Kb)

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