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Discontinued | The Listening Post Christchurch
With the MDC DAC 2, you are given the power to stream your music collection right from your computer with both precision and clarity. Available online and at The Listening Post Christchurch and Wellington.
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With a high performance audio system at one’s fingertips, it can be frustrating to know that your digital music library is imprisoned on a computer. With the MDC DAC 2, you are given the power to stream your music collection right from your computer with both precision and clarity. And it is compatible with everything from PC and MAC to Apple TV. The MDC DAC 2 also ensures that your favourite songs come through smoothly and clearly by reducing both noise and distortion. All music libraries should be heard in the best quality possible, and with the MDC DAC 2 you will no longer have to worry about unnecessary jitter or disruptions.


NAD’s Innovative Solution

Two of NAD's top-rated amplifiers, the C 375BEE and C 356BEE, have their unique innovation-Modular Design Construction (MDC). MDC makes it easy to upgrade features and functionality. Thanks to the MDC DAC 2.0, you get the convenience of computer music without sacrificing the musical performance of your NAD hi-fi system.


24/192 Music

Thanks to a technique known as ‘Asynchronous USB’, NAD have eliminated computer sound and let music flow freely. USB is a computer standard for high-speed data transmission (good news for 24/192 quality music) but it has a feature set leaning towards PC use, not music. USB sends info in ‘data packets’ making the system very robust. There is also a traffic manager that can vary the size and sequence of the packets – good for PCs, bad for music. These timing variations create a condition called ‘jitter’ – small variations that create a harsh audible distortion. However, by using the high precision clock of the MDC DAC 2.0 and built-in NAD customised software to control the PC, this distortion can be eliminated.


Be in Complete Control

If you love iTunes, plug your Apple TV into the MDC DAC 2.0 and find out what the world’s most successful music service really sounds like. Ever wonder what Apple lossless sounds like in comparison to AAC compressed downloads? The MDC DAC 2.0 will reveal the truth.


Get More from your Music

If you love the Sonos or Squeezebox experience, elevate it to the next level of musical enjoyment with the MDC DAC installed in a 150W per channel C 375BEE amplifier or 80W per channel C 356BEE amplifier. Either one of these highly acclaimed amplifiers can drive high quality loudspeakers to realistic sound levels without breaking a sweat. You’ll hear more detail, dimension and natural timbre from each individual instrument than you ever thought possible.



  • Inputs:
    • Optical
    • USB (device side asynchronous)
  • Sample Rate
    • Optical 32kHz – 192kHz
    • USB 32kHz – 192kHz
  • Frequency Response
    • Optical 20Hz – 40kHz ±0.2dB
    • USB 20Hz – 20kHz ±0.2dB
  • THD+N: 0.005% (ref 0dBFS)
  • Signal to Noise: >-100dB (ref. 0dBFS input)
  • Analogue Output Level: 2Vrms (ref. 0dBFS input)
  • Digital-to-Analogue Converter: Cirrus Logic CS4398

Click here for more information - NAD MDC DAC 2.0 Brochure

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