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Thor SmartBoard A12 / A12BF

Thor SmartBoard A12
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Superb Power Management


With its unique Dynamic Active Tracking protection strategy, Thor Smart Boards are without question the most comprehensive solution to defend your electronic equipment. To provide a failsafe barrier against virtually all categories of electrical disturbances - which are common with today's power grids - these SmartBoards have 38 separate and discrete components working in both series and parallel.


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  • LED control resistors
  • Toroidal coils for maximum filtration
  • AV/TV protected outlets (Both dedicated Co-ax & F-type aerial protection)
  • RJ 45 Data Protection - 1 line in, 2 lines out (For standard 75Ω co-ax cables)
  • Extra large metal oxide protection varistors
  • Safety fuses
  • Protection on all 3 conductors (Active, Neutral & Earth)
  • Polyester Film Capacitors to prevent inner-circuit interference
  • Active Tracking Decoupling Capacitors
  • Safety Bleeder Resistor
  • High Voltage Diodes
  • Ultra fast DC Protection Circuit
  • Resettable safety
  • 10 Amp Circuit Breaker 

THOR Dynamic Active Tracking Circuit

A unique THOR bonus - this protection strategy encompasses self-diagnostic and corrective circuitry. Traditional power surge protection always relies on simple surge absorbing circuitry at pre-defined points on the wave form. However, THOR Dynamic Active Tracking monitors the sine wave, instantaneously sensing and clamping transient spikes and surges to a safe level, regardless of where they appear on the wave form.


THOR additionally filters and cleans all incoming power and through its unique 3-Bank isolation, prevents EMI and RFI pollution as well as inter-circuit back EMF — all of which are major contributors to audio-visual glitches and equipment damage.


Check out the specifications: Thor SmartBoard Smart Series


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