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PowerPDU 8QS Networked Power Distribution Unit

Netio PowerPDU 8QS
PowerPDU 8QS Networked Power Distribution UnitPurchase OnlinePrice per item: $1,249.00In StockQuantity: Add To Cart Email Me More Info

NETIO PowerPDU 8QS is a PDU (Power Distribution Unit) with eight power outputs (8x IEC-320 C13) controlled and metered over a LAN. It fits into a 19” cabinet (1U). Each output can be switched on/off individually. PowerPDU 8QS supports two channels for electrical measurements: the PDU as a whole (all outputs combined), and the first output separately (All Outputs + 1). A digital input (DI) can be used to control the outputs or count S0 pulses (electricity meter output).


NETIO PowerPDU 8QS can be configured with a web browser (allows output control, connection to NETIO Cloud, Open API communication settings, etc.). Thanks to the Open API, integration with third-party systems using various protocols (JSON, Modbus/TCP, SNMP, MQTT-flex, Telnet, ...) is easy. Ready-made AV drivers make it simple to connect the NETIO PDU to professional Audio/Video systems such as Neets, Crestron, Control4, RTI, Savant and more.


Typical Applications...

  1. In IT, the smart PowerPDU 8QS is typically used to distribute electricity in a 19" rack (cabinet) in a data center.
  2. Saving energy in meeting rooms (Scheduler switches equipment on/off at predefined time).
  3. Controlling the power (to TV sets, audio systems, lighting) from various AV systems in stores, smart homes, museums, digital signage applications.
  4. The outputs of several NETIO products can be controlled using the NETIO Mobile 2 app, as long as the app is connected to the same network.
  5. The outputs of multiple devices can be controlled centrally using the NETIO Cloud service (for a fee).



 The product can be connected to NETIO Cloud. Control 100 outputs from a single web screen!

NETIO Cloud is an ideal solution for remote control and restarting. It is accessible via any web browser:

The NETIO Cloud service is provided for a fee and supports NETIO products.

  • All devices produced by the NETIO products company can be connected to NETIO Cloud.
  • Thanks to the included “Welcome credit”, the service can be used at no cost for the first 3 years.
  • Devices connected to the service can be controlled securely from anywhere over the Web (HTTPs).
  • NETIO Cloud can be used in parallel with most of another Open API protocols.
  • Communication with the Cloud service is secured (port 8883 - MQTTs - TLS).
  • NETIO Cloud uses a separate Open API (MQTTS protocol) to control all devices linked to a given user account.


Industrial Product Quality

 NETIO PDUs are made with quality in mind. Each unit includes a set of supporting functions to ensure reliability and long service life of the product in real-life conditions.
  • Open M2M API
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • PowerUp state – defined output state after power-up
  • PowerUp delay – outputs switched on after a delay
  • Input current up to 16A (output current max 10A / output)
  • Low internal consumption
  • Firmware upgradeable over the web, backwards compatibility
  • Very accurate electrical measurements, each unit is factory-calibrated
  • IOC – Independent Output Control
  • ZVS – Zero Voltage Switching


Zero Voltage Switching

 An important feature of the NETIO PowerPDU 8QS is ZVS (Zero Voltage Switching).

ZVS controls the exact time when the mechanical relay contacts close and open. The relay contacts switch the output on or off when the voltage crosses the zero level. 

  • In the long term, ZVS support reduces the product failure rate due to internal relay damage.
  • Since the relay switches when the sinusoidal voltage waveform crosses the zero level, negative effects of inrush current are significantly reduced.
  • The ZVS and PowerUp delay functions reduce the chance of circuit breakers tripping when power is restored after an outage.
  • ZVS extends the lifetime of connected equipment, especially in case of frequent on/off switching of devices that are not designed for that (such as switching power supplies).


 With the Scheduler (timer) function, each output can be individually switched on or off at specified times and days of week. The switching times are easily configured in a graphical interface.
  • Each output can have its own schedule
  • When a schedule is active, outputs can still be controlled with NETIO Cloud, the web interface and Open API
  • Scheduler does not need an internet connection.
    However, a time source is needed – provided over the internet or, for example, by a local ADSL / WiFi router.


Power-Up State

 For some applications, it is important to set the power output state immediately after the device is powered on (or the power is restored after a failure). With some machines it is important to avoid momentary switch-on or switch-off. This parameter therefore defines the behavior of the power output before the standard communication with a master system starts to work.
  • On
  • Off
  • LAST state restores the last state before the power was disconnected

Delay Sequence when Switching Outputs

After a power outage, some electrical equipment can be switched on with a delay to avoid overloading and tripping circuit breakers. With the PowerPDU 8QS, use these parameters: “Power-Up state” = ON / LAST, and “Output PowerUp interval” = power-up delay before switching that particular output on.


Mobile App

 PowerPDU 8QS can be controlled over the local network using the NETIO Mobile 2 app (for Android mobile devices).
  • The mobile app can be used to control several PDU units and all their outputs.
  • The mobile device must be connected to the same LAN (connect the phone/tablet via WiFi).
  • NETIO Mobile2 can scan the LAN and discover connected devices. WiFi connection to the LAN is required.


Check out the brochure for more information - NETIO PowerPDU 8QS Brochure


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