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Power Filtration

An Important Note About Power Conditioners:


As quality Home Theatre and Hi-Fi components and systems can represent a substantial investment, a highly recommended addition to each area is a good power conditioner / line protector. Electricity suppliers make no secret of the fact that they do not guarantee the quality or supply of mains power to any installation. Plugging your equipment into a power conditioner is a simple step you can undertake as a precaution to protect your systems against electrical damage. This has been in our minds recently, as we have had a number of customers returning components for repair due to electrical damage after severe mains power variations.


In addition to protecting your equipment, power conditioners give your components the best operating conditions, considering that electricity is the raw "fuel" used by your gear. Further, the best power conditioners also provide protection for other connected devices, such as phones, aerials and computer network equipment.


We stock Thor power conditioners, designed for the Australian and NZ power system. In a recent test, some power filters which claimed to stop any voltage above 275 V getting to your equipment actually let through up to 700 V before the clamping circuits kicked in! We'd facetiously call this a rather wide margin of error.


Not the Thor though; their Smart Boards have special Dynamic Active Tracking for voltage, which follows the incoming voltage waveform and effectively clamps any unacceptable excursion.


Thor have recently released what they call their "Green Board", which features USB charging and a remote On/Off switch for situations where the board is relatively inaccessible. This is also a boon for those with network routers and Sky boxes which occasionally need resetting.


Choose Thor Smart Board power filters: we are happy to help finding which model you require based on the gear in each location.

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