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Soundproofing 101: How to keep your home theater quiet

It’s 11:00 on a Sunday night. Your honey just went up to bed and you can’t wait to crank up your latest Blu-ray acquisition: Jimi Plays Berkeley, a long-forgotten 1970 documentary that has been restored and remixed in 5.1 surround. Seconds after Hendrix rips into the first number, the dreaded foot stomping from above begins. The party’s over before it even starts. Last time it was a cataclysmic crescendo from Inception that did you in. Frustrated, you vow to remedy the situation and, once and for all, soundproof the family room that doubles as your home theater.


Sound familiar? Ever wonder what it would take to soundproof a home theater/media room/man cave? Or maybe you’re building a new home or planning an addition to accommodate the theater of your dreams and want to include proper sound isolation as part of the plan.


The guys over at Home have come up with a nice primer article, calling on Anthony Grimani, a well respected professional in the Acoustic Treatment field to answer some questions and give you a good basic understanding regarding what sorts of things work for Isolating your home theater.


Read the article here: Soundproofing 101 at Home

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