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Soundcast VG1 now In Store




See more at the Soundcast VG-1's Page here: Soundcast VG-1


There is no shortage of compact, portable speakers out there on the market. To genuinely improve on the options currently on the market is no easy task.


"We've recently received our first shipment of Soundcast's portable blue-tooth speaker and are extremely impressed with how awesome this little device is."


The VG-1 just fits in the palm of a large hand, but can fill even a big open space with nice, clear, full sound. It's not going to be a replacement for a traditional stereo, but as something you can take with you just about anywhere, without filling up your luggage, it's fantastic.


The sound is quite full for such a compact unit, but without taking all of the clarity away from the music. Using the latest bluetooth designs also enable the Soundcast to have extremely long range for bluetooth. We have a fairly large showroom, but no matter where we stand, we haven't yet found a way to make the VG-1 cut out.


It's also waterproof, shock proof and just generally very rugged. Even the more clumsy among us can expect the VG-1 to last for quite a while.


Pop into one of our showrooms to have a listen (Prepare to be impressed)





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