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Nothing Lifts your mood like music.


Today, Sonos has made two really big announcements. The first is that Sonos now fully supports  Apple Music. Seven Months after Apple waded into the streaming music market, the most well known multi-room music company has decided to offer full support. This means dedicated users of Apple's products finally have a system that works really flawlessly to create music around the home easily and beautifully.


The second announcement was also made in partnership Apple. It turns out Sonos and Apple have teamed up with famous neuroscience researcher  Dr. Daniel J. Levitin, who is widely known for his book:  This is Your Brain on Music. 


 Sonos & Apple Music Play 1


The experiment:


They conducted a simple experiment on 30 different families around the world, to see how listening to music out loud affected their lifestyles and general happiness. The overall set up was fairly simple:

  1. For the first week don't listen to music out loud
  2. For the second week listen to music as much as you choose

Sonos and Apple then tracked every aspect of the families' lives over the two week period. Everything from their heart--rate to the volume of the songs they were listening to. Over the whole period the families were encouraged to video their daily lives and took part in standard psychological tests to figure out their overall mood over the period.


"Looking into the homes in our study, not only did music help with waking up and exercising or cleaning up, but the songs themselves – and the volume they were played at – helped everyone get sh-… stuff done."


What did they find?


The experiment came to a number of surprising conclusions, when music is playing:


  • People feel 24% less irritable
  • People are 33% more likely to cook together
  • People are 85% more likely to invite friends over
  • People are 15% more likely to laugh together
  • 58% of people found food tasted better when music was playing

Alongside many other surprising statistics. I would highly recommend visiting their website to go through how exactly they came up with this data. 


Sonos & Apple Music: Music Makes It Home


Listen out loud eat together

 People who listen to music out loud, on average eat one more meal together each week


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