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SAM is coming... Devialet



That's right SAM is coming to

TLP Christchurch.



Who is SAM? Speaker Active Matching from Devialet.
How does SAM work?  SAM recognises the exact specs of your speakers using lasers not microphones, creates a profile, then adjusts the output from Devialet products into your speakers optimising the sound. Making them technically better. Sounds impressive right? Wait till you hear it.


Devialet via the SAMLAB have already mapped and created sound profiles for over 600+ speakers. We encourage you to bring a speaker with you (we only need one) from your home/office/bach and the sound engineer that is flying in from France (Henri not SAM) will tune the Devialet to make your sound like it should... As intended by the recording artist... Confused? Watch the short video below.



If you'd like to get more information on which speakers are already SAM® ready, please visit the following Devialet website here.  In order to obtain a SAM® profile, Devialet need to study speakers

deeply. Devialet's goal is to share the SAM® technology with everyone and make as many speakers SAM® ready as possible. Devialet succeeded in miniaturising the SAM® laboratory into a portable device: the SAMlab. The SAMlab has been made exclusively for The Devialet Expert system, it connects directly at the back of the unit and is run only by a Devialet engineer. One of those engineers (Henri not Sam) will be in our #TLPCHC store on...


Friday 13th July 2108 from 9am to 6pm


And we encourage you to join us... Drop in through the day. As we mentioned above a bring a speaker with you... If you don't own a Devialet yet, worry not. You are welcome to come in and experience all things Devialet in an informal “Open Day” environment, and ask any question of our staff or the Devialet engineer.


There is no obligation to buy.
Devialet really needs to be experienced.


If you asked - Do you do Devialet? Then we'd answer - Yes, we do, do Devialet and you can see our range of Devialet products by clicking on this link: Devialet Products



Curious? want to know more... This is direct from Devialet... You can continue reading here.

SAM® Speaker Active Matching works by recognizing the exact specs of your speakers. So Expert Pro can tailor the sound signal to fit their precise requirements. In real time. A major audio breakthrough, SAM lets your system achieve perfect temporal alignment between the recorded signal and the acoustic pressure generated by your loudspeakers. For the first time ever.


Pure emotion. Extreme fidelity. All your music, just as the artist intended.


SAM® is an electro-acoustic revolution. For the first time ever, Devialet SAM technology guarantees a seamless match between your amplifier and connected speakers. Almost all multi-way loudspeakers generate delay caused by the bass diaphragm reacting slower to the audio signal than the tweeter does. Mechanical and technical measures help to minimize delay that would otherwise disrupt the evenness and spatial quality of sound. Preliminary laboratory work carried out via SAM® Lab enables us to identify sixty or more different parameters per speaker model.


SAM® analyses transducer characteristics using laser technology. These include displacement, deformation, maximum displacement, speed and acceleration. By measuring passive filters, we can determine resonance (event bass-reflex and passive radiators) while factoring in the overall impact of casing and damping. Once this data is compiled, SAM® is able to produce a full physical behavioral model. The collected data also allows us to calculate the transducer SOA (Safe Operating Area). By doing so, SAM® offers permanent protection from overload, letting users reach higher volumes than ever before.


For the first time, it is possible to achieve perfect temporal alignment between the recorded signal and acoustic pressure from your loudspeakers.


Similar to transfer function, this physical model is inverted in real time using digital signal processing technology before digital-analog conversion occurs. The result: acoustic pressure in the air perfectly matches the signal registered by microphones during the recording process. 



Watch Crighton unbox the Expert 220 Pros on our YouTube channel - you can subscribe to our channel if you want to see more.





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