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Yamaha Musiccast - Multi-room Perfected

Yamaha MusicCast Logo


All Musiccast Products Available Here


Today Yamaha has announced a groundbreaking change in the way they do Multi-Room Audio. Basically, every single Yamaha device will be able to be used as a zone in an extremely flexible whole house multi-room system


"No other system provides access to all your content and such a wide range of listening experiences.”


Key Highlights:

  • Every forthcoming Yamaha Device will support being a Musiccast device
    • Includes RX-S601 slimline amplifier, RX-A1050 theater amplifier etc.
  • You can use Bluetooth speakers as Musiccast Outputs
    • Play sound from your TV through a pair of Bluetooth headphones
  • Current RX-Axx50 Series components are supported
  • All connected sources (including streamers and turntables) can be shared to any of the zones:
    • Play TV / Sky sound through your kitchen speakers
    • Turntable from the study into the outdoor speakers
    • Play your Spotify stream to kitchen, living room, bathroom and outdoors simultaneously
    • Play your Blu-Ray Sound through your surround sound system and through your bluetooth portable speaker at the same time
  • Extremely Slick App - Easier than any other on the market
  • Flexible whole home solution - Because access to all functions is so simple, Musiccast is powerful but usable for everyday people.
  • Range includes Cost effective mini systems and High End Home Theater Seperates
  • Support for a wide range of streaming services and airplay.
    • Spotify
    • Pandora
    • Airplay
    • Any app on your phone like Youtube, 8track, Soundcloud - via Bluetooth

Currently Models that will be supported:

RX-V479, RX-V579, RX-V679, RX-V779, RX-A550, RX-A750, RX-A850, RX-A1050, RX-A2050RX-A3050RX-A780, RX-A880, RX-A1080, RX-A2080, RX-A3080


CX-A5100, RX-S601, RX-S602, YSP-1600, SRT-1500, YSP-5600, NX-N500


Some of the new products include:

  • Traditional Stereo Receivers
  • Slimline AV Receivers
  • AV Pre / Power Combo
  • Mini Systems
  • Standalone Speakers
  • Soundbars
  • Active Speakers

Yamaha MusicCast Stock Image Yamaha MusicCast Stock Image 2


Yamaha NX-N500 MusicCast


Some of Yamaha's Recently announced Musiccast Products

Let's give it a go!


Update your theater receivers

  • This is a pretty easy process, the easiest way is to use the front panel controls:
  • When the amplifier is off, press the "straight" and "stand-by" buttons at the same time. This brings up the "advanced set up menu"
  • Press the "program" buttons until firmware update appears
  • Press "straight" until "network" appears
  • Press the "Info" Button to confirm
  • The Update then starts and will take approximately 20 Minutes

Download the "Musiccast" app

  • Search for : "Musiccast"
  • Available for Apple iOS and Android in both phone and tablet form factors

Set up "Musiccast"


  • Press the Settings Wheel then Select "Add New Device"


Yamaha MusicCast App Setttings Page Yamaha MusicCast App Connect Instructions 


  • Name the Room that is the first zone of the product you have just connected and give it a useful image


Yamaha MusicCast App Room Naming Yamaha MusicCast App Room Image Selection


  • The room is set up. If the product you connected has a second zone, you can easily add it in the settings wheel


Yamaha MusicCast App Setup Complete Yamaha MusicCast App Room Settings 1


  • Both of new rooms have appeared! Now let's add another home theater receiver from the shop...


Yamaha MusicCast App Rooms Yamaha MusicCast App Rooms 2


As easy as that! Now we're ready to play music to whatever area of the shop we would like from whatever source we would like!


That was much easier than I anticipated. Now for some fun playing around with it. We will update this article as more information is released.


Further information:


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