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Sub Woofer


Our selection of Sub Woofers


A Sub Woofer is a speaker designed to do low frequency sound. This is generally the lower frequencies of bass, as well as what is known as Sub Bass.
In a Home theatre situation where you have a system set up for watching movies, a sub woofer is designed to produce things like explosions, earthquakes or anything that you can feel rather than necessarily hear.

For a sub woofer to work effectively, it needs to move a lot of air to propagate sound. To do this, usually a woofer sized between 8 and 18 inches is used. A bigger woofer simply moves more air, and generally can produce lower notes.


A trade off with large sub woofers is the fact that a large woofer is quite heavy and has more mechanical impedance (the air resistance) and therefore needs a lot more power for it to function well. Generally, a large woofer also moves more slowly if it is not well designed, resulting in poor performance.

Manufacturers have tackled this issue in one of two ways. A higher count of smaller woofers, to move the same amount of air but with less mass, or a huge amount of power and a very hefty magnet assembly.

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