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What is a Media Server?


Streaming is a term used to describe one device playing content through another. This is very commonly done through the use of a network.
Generally, a device known as a server, will store a collection of various media such as music and movies. This will then 'stream' it's content to a device capable of playing the file.
It's worth noting that this is different from sending a copy of a file from one device to another.

To easily make sense of this, think of a Youtube video. You can view the video and watch it, but you're not actually saving the video.

Streaming comes in quite a wide range of varieties, the most common being the likes of Spotify, Tidal, Netflix and Youtube. This is where the content is stored on a server owned by the service providers, and is streamed via the internet through to your computer, smartphone, tablet or device.
Streaming can also be done all within your own local network. If you have a large collection of music and movies on your computer or server, then with some simple serving software you're nearly good to go. All you need is something to render the stream (see Related at top of the article).

Some good media serving software sources are;

PLEX or Kodi for movies, and Logitech Media Server, MinimServer or MiniDLNA for music.
JRiver is another very popular choice for the both and very versatile, however is a paid service.

It is a bit of a personal choice depending on how you prefer to browse so your mileage may very.


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