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Media Server



Cocktail Audio Media Servers

McIntosh's Media Server

Glossary Entry on NAS

A media server is comprised of both hardware, and software, to serve and distribute media files to a single, or multiple devices throughout a network as well as to itself.

Hardware-wise, the unit itself will feature a mass storage device, such as a hard drive, a basic computer of sorts, networking and sometimes other inputs and outputs, either for adding more storage via USB or reading from external drives, connecting to an external DAC, HDMI / video outputs, or proprietary connectors.


Software-wise, a media server will be able to scan and index media files for meta-data: Data used to determine things such as which artist created the music, which album the music belongs to, what the song is called, or alternatively the director, name of the movie, year it was released etc.

It can then list this information on your network so you can more easily browse it's content.

More commonly as we see more of a decline in desktop computers in the home, the NAS has become a bit of a staple. This is a brilliant option as a media server for both music and movies.
However, if you want the absolute best, McIntosh's MB100 is a very nice option.


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