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Active Noise Cancelling


Active noise cancelling relies on Phase Cancellation to remove unwanted noise. By using a microphone on the headphone to 'listen' to your environment, the headphone is able to 'subtract' the environmental noise from what you are listening to, often greatly reducing the background noise. It tends to work best with constant or consistent noise, like bus engines and airplanes, but not so good on periodic or changing noises, like someone clapping, or speach.



  • Lowering the background noise can mean that you don't have to have your headphones up as loud to hear them
  • Great for air travel - noise cancelling tends to work wonderfully agains airplane engine noise, and can provide a much quieter space for listening.



  • They tend to cost more then a non noise cancelling version
  • They use a battery - although most will run in 'passive' mode if the battery is dead
  • Noise cancelling, by it's nature, is destructive and can have an impact on the sound quality of what you are listening to


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