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3D A Big Flop For Retailers & Consumers

Avatar may be one of the highest grossing movies of all time, but the prospect of seeing it in 3D at home isn't pushing sales of 3D televisions.


Part of the problem is that there just aren't that many 3D movies out there. Avatar is just one, and the latest Shrek movie isn't likely to generate anywhere near the same DVD sales. And nobody, Patel says, is going to spend a lot for the sake of a single film. There's some out there... but not enough to justify the price.


Another issue is standards. There aren't any. One company's 3D glasses won't work with another brand. The glasses are priced in the hundreds of dollars per pair so it's a large investment for an accessory.


Home theater 3-D TVs are simply inferior to the theater experience. "Most of us, when we think of 3D we think of Avatarand the experience we had while viewing Avatar in the theater. What we forget is that was a big screen. When you bring it in your home, your set will be 40-60 inches. That may not give you the same immersive experience you had when you watched the movie at the theater."


Customers - save your money on 3D TV's and enjoy where the format is intended, at the movies.

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