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McIntosh Announces new Reference DAC and Tube Phono Stage!



Reference D1100 DAC


More very exciting developments from McIntosh. Hot on the heels of their new reference pre-amp (The two box, fully balanced, C1100) They have released a reference class phono pre-amp and D/A convertor.


This means we can now dream of owning a full reference class McIntosh front end!


Reference Class Tube Phono Pre-Amp


The MP1100 is built in classic McIntosh style (they don't believe in overkill...) It's a full balanced, dual mono, all tube design. Every aspect of it's four phono inputs is fully configurable and extremely well thought through. It even comes with a number of profiles to match it's electrical characteristics to specific cartridges!


It also includes an excellent A/D converter so that those with a significant record collection can digitise them without losing any detail whatsoever.


New Reference D/A Converter / Digital Pre-Amp - The D1100

The D1100 has been awaited for quite some time by those interested in McIntosh. The D1000 was a phenomenal DAC, and there has been no replacement for many years. Finally, McIntosh have released a DAC worthy of true reference status.


McIntosh have pulled all of the stops with the D1100, with the most advanced DAC circuitry ever as well as incredibly wide array of digital inputs. It also has a relatively unqiue connection with the new C1100 reference pre-amp, which should allow the C1100 to take full control of the D1100, making a particularly simple to operate system. (Which will sound phenomenal)




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