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Wireless Video Mirroring - Chromecast kills Wi-Fi


Why use Chromecast?


We've had Chromecast installed in both of our stores for some time now for two reasons: 

  • To easily show web browser windows to clients eg. Product Websites
  • To show how to integrate streaming services that are only available online, like the PGA Tour and Premier League.

Over that time, we've found it to do the job pretty well in store, however on closer inspection, it's probably not the best for long term installation in the real world.


The issue is the Wi-Fi bandwidth that it uses, potentially seriously slowing down most home networks. Even when the Chromecast is idle, it seems to be incredibly network hungry. 


We first noticed the issue in customers home's where whenever they tried to mirror their device's screen for video, it would become very choppy or music streaming in another room would cut out or become unstable. 


What's happening?


A bit of online research dug up this article examining the load of a Chromecast on residential home networks. 

Ben Miller (The Author) calculated that in ideal conditions it would consume 37% of the available bandwidth of a standard wireless router.


Because we use Ubiquiti Unifi Wireless Access Point's in both of our stores, we were able to keep a very watchful eye on the shop Chromecasts. We found that even when it was idle, it was by far the biggest bandwidth hog. (Including several wireless music streaming products)


Now, most people's home are far from perfect in terms of wireless reception. From noisy microwave ovens through to neighbours with "weapons grade" wi-fi, the odds are stacked even against stable basic web browsing. This leads to the conclusion that Chromecast is far from perfect for most domestic situations. 


Chrome Cast- Ready to stream













How am I supposed to watch the Golf / Premier League?


So there are a couple of options to watch PGA Tour and premier league in a reliable and enjoyable way.

  • Upgrade your home network
  • Plug your portable device directly into your theater amplifier or display
  • Use a smart TV that works out of the box with PGA tour stream
  • Stream from a Chrome Browser with a wired network connection (Doesn't completely solve the problem)

We can help with all of those ideas:

Wireless Networks:


With years of network troubleshooting experience behind us, we can recommend and install products and infrastructure which make streaming and internet access stable and reliable right throughout the home. We also have a few basic article on getting started improving your home network. Article: 5 Easy Ways to get more from your Wireless Network.

Ubiquiti's Unifi AP Access Point





















Cabled Solutions:

We have a wide variety of HDMI cables and adapters so that you can plug your portable laptops and tablets directly into your display.


TV Choice.

While we don't sell TV's, we can help you choose, because we have good technical knowledge of the industry, we can either make solid recommendations or give you advice on whether a particular choice is a good one.


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