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One Control App To Rule Them All


While a lot of Media Streamers have dedicated apps for navigating your music library as well as queueing up playlists - some leave a little, or a lot to be desired.

There's a wide variety of apps designed for specific brand's platforms such as Linn's Kinsky which works well controlling their own gear but you still can run into some corners if the device you wish to instruct, doesn't play nice.


BubbleUPNP is a great tool that's available on Android for controlling a very wide range of UPNP devices. It can queue tracks, choose from multiple libraries and grab your favourite songs from the cloud.

Starting off...

Simply launch BubbleUPNP and tap the top left menu icon and you'll get a list of sources and destinations.
Here you can see that Local Renderer is the currently selected output and Local Media Server is currently the selected source.

This indicates that the Local Renderer (AKA the Phone or Tablet your using) will play music through it's speakers or headphone jack from the Local Library (Music located in the phone's internal memory).


Choose Your Output

By tapping on 'Local Renderer' it should now populate a list of all the available devices on the network that are able to be 'streamed' to. Select which device you want to play to (We will be choosing the Cocktail Audio X30 here.)

After choosing the applicable device, move on to the next step.

Choose Your Music Location

This will be a list of all 'Media Servers' on your network. If you haven't set up a media server yet, this may appear empty. If that's the case you will need to set one up. (This can work on any PC, Mac or NAS).

We have our music on a Linux based server shown here as 'FLAC Server'.

Choose What To Play

We now follow the Media Server's directory structure. These are almost always the same and will sort the music into;

- All Music
- Artists    
- Albums 
- Folders 

And from there you can choose the specifics.

Now Playing...

And there we have it. The rest is fairly self explanatory, but this is a really nice and easy to use app which works on a variety of different devices, helping unify things or give you some control if there isn't a dedicated platform.


The basic version is free, however the full version only sets you back a little over $6.

You can get BubbleUPNP by searching for it in the Google Play Store, or alternatively by clicking this link!

BubbleUPNP Control




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