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Q Acoustics 3030i Loudspeaker Review


SoundStage! Hi-Fi have recently reviewed Q Acoustics 3030i Loudspeaker, and are calling it one of the best budget speakers on the market. If you haven't been introduced to these loudspeakers before, then read on.


Q Acoustics’ 3030i looks like a slightly bigger version of their 3020i. Both are two-driver two-ways that share the same 0.9” soft-dome tweeter, and have one paper-cone midrange-woofer in an MDF enclosure. Its larger driver and cabinet allow the 3030i to go deeper in the bass than the 3020i -- Q specifies the 3030i’s -6dB point as 46Hz, the 3020i’s as 64Hz. That difference of 18Hz is significant. 


Q Acoustics 3030i Close UpQ Acoustics 3030i Angled View


The speakers sound is solid and fully fleshed-out to below 50Hz -- pretty low for a minimonitor. These impressive loudspeakers provided some of the weightiest bass from a speaker of this size, regardless of price.


The 3030i's come in Graphite, White, and Black which are not paint but monochrome laminated finishes that might be melamine, which are ideal for durability. Melamine, commonly used in kitchen countertops, is almost indestructible; whereas paint and real-wood finishes are much more easy to damage.


Though it costs only a little more than the 3020i and less than half the price of the 3050i, its overall voicing and clarity make it better than either -- and one of the best budget speakers now on the market. This is the one Q Acoustics speaker that can, without caveat or hesitation, be recommended to audiophiles on a budget. 


Q Acoustics 3030i Rear ViewQ Acoustics 3030i Stands


After reading this review, our team is more than excited for the arrival of these bookshelf speakers so we too can join the many audiophiles who have fallen in love with them!


Click here to read more of the 3030i's review - SoundStage! Hi-Fi 



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