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Planning for your Entertainment system


Broadly, there are three areas we specialize in: Home Theater, Multi-Room Audio and Structured Cabling.


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Things to consider:

As anyone who has ever built a house can tell you, good planning is an essential part of any new home build. The scope of a modern house means that many of the various elements are handled by specialists; a plumber to handle getting water and drainage around the place, a sparky to help get the electrical service around safely, a painter to handle the painting, etc.


Common problems: 

In most modern homes, there will be an entertainment system of some sort. Sometimes, the requirements are minimal; a TV, for instance, may only require an aerial cable and a power outlet. Other times, the systems can be complete solutions with music and video to every room, or an elaborate home cinema setup. These latter two obviously require more resources in the form of cabling and equipment.The big thing that sets them apart, though, is the amount of flexibility inherent in the system.


One of the most important things to keep in mind is to ensure that not only are current needs catered for, but the ability to remain flexible and expand the system is allowed for, while keeping a good eye on the overall resource requirements. Running just enough cable to get a basic system going may look very cost effective on paper, but it means that the home will have one system in it - the current one - and will not be able to evolve at all to meet any future needs. Running heaps of cable everywhere isn't a solution either, because while the 'just in case' mentality is beneficial in small doses, you will end up spending potentially large amounts of resources on kilometers of cable that will never be used.


We can help:

With proper planning, a specialist will sit down and get an understanding of how the spaces will be used, and how the customer expects these to operate. This will allow us to look at a set of building plans, and drawing upon our industry wisdom and experience, provide some options that cater to the vision in the home owners mind.

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