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Why EVERYONE needs a Moon Neo ACE



Lately, we've been having a lot of fun with Moon's All-in-one integrated amplifier, so I thought to do a little article about Moon as a brand and why these things are selling by the truck load.


A brief history of Moon

The company was born in 1980 in Boucherville, Quebec with a dream of creating solidly engineered alternatives to what was available on the market at the time. From day one, Simaudio (as it was then known) was recognised widely in the industry for elegantly engineered products, which were rigorously built to very high standards. 

Simaudio P5 Classic Reference Pre-Amp (1998)


Moon's long history is littered with rafts of awards from Hi-Fi publications and a huge variety of exceptional products. A quick look through their discontinued products gallery shows the breadth of expertise they have built up over the years, with numerous milestone products becoming benchmarks for the entire industry.


In recent years, a group of longtime employees and engineers have taken over the company and taken the brand to a whole new level. With a focus on exceptional experiences for a new generation of audiophiles, with the Moon Neo series bringing much of the performance of Moon's acclaimed Evolution series to much more digestable price-points.


With the introduction of their MiND streaming and control platform, Moon cemented their position into the future with a stable, high performance streaming and control system for the 21st century.


Simaudio's Classic Eclipse CD Player (1999)

Simaudio Titan Power Amplifier (2000)


What is the NEO series?

The Moon NEO series is all about price / quality ratio. For many years, audiophiles have had to live with astonishing price tags to get the sound quality result they needed.


Moon have tried very hard to combat this with a range of exceptional quality products at a much more attainable level. Of course, they are still lovely to look at and use, as well as being built to really last. 


Moon NEO 230HAD Headphone Amp

A peek inside the NEO 330A Power Amplfier


What's the deal with the Moon ACE

Moon NEO Ace

Moon NEO Ace in Silver

This all sets the scene for why we are so excited about the Moon NEO ACE. We use Moon's MiND streamer every day in both of our stores, for a reliable, excellent sounding way to always have music playing in the shop.


Building a system at a quality level that would usually only be doable in a large seperates style into one slim chassis is genuinely impressive.


You can plug your turntable in, you can connect your TV, you can connect your disc player and you can stream over your network, you can even you lossless AptX bluetooth.


All of these implemented at a level that normally you would have to spend $1,000 per box to achieve (and end up with about 7 boxes...) That's why the NEO ACE is such good value.


The Back panel of the Moon NEO ACE


In practice

All of this means nothing if it doesn't sound good with your speakers. So far in our store, the results have been extremely impressive.


Partnering the Moon up with Dynaudio's Contour 1.4LE's for example gives a massive, well articulated result. The ACE brings some life to the top end of the Contour's that can be missing with the wrong amplifier, while doing justice to the prestigous bass these speakers can offer when proved enough current.

Spendor's Excellent A6r Speakers


Switching up to Elac Line FS247.3 also brings out some of the best features of the speakers: The sound-stage is rock solid, thanks to Elac's Jet Tweeter blending beautifully into the Mid-range. Bass weight and balance is superb.


Trying something a bit different with Spendor's A6r's, The ACE seems to bring the dynamics to the table that these speakers are capable of when driven properly. Yet, the top end is still smooth and relaxed to really let the mid-range shine through.


The bottom line is, that the Moon NEO ACE is capable of revealing the true capability of your speakers,, which is really all you can ask of a great amplifier.


What do other have to say? Reviews of the Moon NEO ACE

Already, the Moon NEO Ace is racking up plenty of glowing reviews.


What Hi-Fi:

It’s fair to say we’re rather taken with the Moon Neo Ace. It’s a wonderfully tuned system that puts music enjoyment at the top of its priorities, regardless of what’s being played.


We love how easy it is to get along with – controls and network features are seamless in use and it’s a product we’d happily live with in our home.


There are very few systems that combine all the separate hi-fi components so effortlessly into one box. - 5 Stars


Digital Audio Review:

Most importantly, the Nēo ACE takes the pain out of system building by lowering the electronics box count to one: just add loudspeakers (and turntable) and stir.



Most importantly, this is a great sounding piece of equipment. The ACE is able to handle pretty much anything you choose to throw at it because it puts so little of itself into the presentation.


If you are the sort of person who's music collection is all over the place, this is one of the most effective ways of doing justice to all of it. For some people the, flexibility of separate units will win out but it is hard to ignore just how much the ACE does and how well it does it.


This is a seriously accomplished all-in-one system and one that comes Highly Recommended.



We would typically always have the Moon NEO Ace in both of our stores. We really enjoy playing with it in the store, so pop in and ask to have a listen with whichever speakers intrigue you. 

We look forward to seeing you in store!



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