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Rotel RB-1552 Mk II Power Amplifier (Silver)

Rotel RB-1552 Mk II
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Rotel RB-1552 Mk II Power Amplifier (Silver)Purchase OnlinePrice per item: $1,899.00
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    Rotel RB-1552 Mk II Power Amplifier

    Please note: This listing is for the SILVER colour only


    The RB-1552 MKII stereo amplifier has been engineered to provide high-resolution audio performance, yet it is very affordable, as has been the tradition with Rotel electronics for over 50 years. Rotel engineering’s fanatical attention to detail means the sum is greater than the parts - what they call the "Balanced Design Concept".


    Each aspect of design is carefully considered holistically to result in maximum audio performance. From the selection of an over-sized power supply featuring a highly efficient, low magnetic field toroidal transformer to multiple, high-current bipolar output transistors. Circuit topology is planned, implemented, evaluated, and adjusted to achieve optimum results.


    The RB-1552 MKII 120 watt Class A/B amplifier features independent left and right power rectification stages and decoupling, and is essentially a mono block design. Further evidence of design over-spec is in the selection of premium “slit-foil” capacitors, which provide plenty of reserve energy for extremely dynamic audio passages and are able to quickly replenish themselves due to the nature of their unique design.



    • All current Rotel Models Purchased after October 31 2018 attract an industry leading 5 YR OFFICIAL WARRANTY
    • 2 x 120W stereo power amplifier
    • Class A/B
    • Balanced XLR and single-ended RCA inputs
    • 4 Ohms minimum
    • Custom Rotel-built toroidal transformer

    Check out the brochure for more information - Rotel RB-1552 MkII Power Amp

    See the manual here - Rotel RB-1552 MkII Owner's Manual


    Rotel RB-1552 Power Amplifier

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