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Simple Audio has landed at The Listening Post



We at the Listening Post are proud to announce the arrival of Simple Audio, the all new HD sound system. We have gotten our demo units up and running, and a few speed bumps aside, we are really impressed! The overall sound easily competes with DACs many times it's price, t hough none of them can offer the simplicity of network streaming.

Simple audio isn't the first network streamer, but it is a unique combination of quality, style, and ease of use. The Roomplayer II offers simple plug-and-play configuration, turning your existing Hi Fi Stereo system into a networked powerhouse, without sacrificing a touch of character, while the Roomplayer I includes a small digital amp to let you expand into the great unknown.


The Simple Audio approach is simple:

24 bit HD sound

Our sonically superior system will help you get the most out of your digital music collection, from MP3 up to the maximum 24 bit studio quality.


All your tracks together

Now you can access all your digital music wherever it's stored and play your tracks anywhere there is a Simple Audio system.


Perfect playback

Wireless just doesn't cut it. We use Powerline Communications technology, so there's no signal drop out and no compromise on sound.


Set up, play anywhere

Choose one Roomplayer, or put a Roomplayer in every room if you want to create a complete home audio solution. It couldn't be easier.



Don't believe me? Come by and have a listen for yourself!


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