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Pro-Ject Counterweight

Pro-Ject Audio Counterweight
Pro-Ject CounterweightPurchase OnlinePrice per item: $29.00
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    Most Pro-Ject arms can have their counterweights replaced in order to work with alternative cartridges. Give us a call or visit our store to ask for more information.





    Counterweight 0 65g
    • Essential II, Essential III, Debut III, P1/1.2, 1Xpression AC (for cartridges weighing 3.5-5.5g)
    • Debut Carbon (for cartridges weighing 7.0-10.0g)
    Counterweight 1 75g
    • Essential II, Essential III, Debut III, P1/1.2, 1Xpression AC (for cartridges weighing 6-9g)
    • Debut Carbon (for cartridges weighing 11g+)
    Counterweight 3 95g
    • P2.9 (for cartridges weighing 9-13g) - RPM 4, RPM 6, 2Xperience, P6.9, (for cartridges weighing 6-10g)
    • RPM 5, RPM 6.1 SB (for cartridges weighing 10-15g) [only for 2M Red version of the RPM5]
    Counterweight 8 55g
    • Essential II, Essential III, Debut III, P1.2 (for cartridges weighing 1.5-3g)
    • Debut Carbon (for cartridges weighing 6.5-8.5g)
    • 1Xpression AC (for cartridges weighing 3-5g)
    Counterweight 46 83g
    • RPM 5, RPM 9 Carbon, RPM 9.2 2 Xperience DC, 6 Perspex SB, Xtension 9 (for cartridges weighing 7-10g)
    • RPM 10 Carbon, RPM 10.1 Xtension 10 (for cartridges weighing 5-8g)
    Counterweight 48 58g
    • 1Xpression Carbon Classic (for cartridges weighing 6-8g)
    Counterweight 80 50g
    • Debut Carbon (for cartridges weighing 4.5-6g)


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