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iFi Audio iPurifier 2 USB Power Supply (Second Hand)

iFi iPurifier2
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iFi Audio iPurifier 2 USB Power Supply (Second Hand)Purchase OnlinePrice per item: $159.00
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    iFi iPurifier2 (Second Hand)


    The next generation of advanced computer audio technology...

    The USB audio platform is well-established, yet as with any audio transmission protocol, unwanted factors hinder the audio quality. Most effective at the end (rather than the beginning) of the digital USB audio chain, the iPurifier 2 cleans up the USB transmission.


    In an all aircraft-grade CNC-aluminium shell anodised in titanium, the all-new iPurifier 2 features the very latest USB audio technology from Active Noise Cancellation to REclock and REgenerate, whilst still retaining the original REbalance.


    Drawing from the military field, iFi has adapted technology to exclusively introduce the Active Noise Cancellation+ (ANC+) audio power system. By generating a signal identical to the noise signal but in the exact opposite phase, it actively cancels all the incoming noise. ANC+ is the perfect 'antidote' for power supply noise, the bane of USB audio.


    REclock is a 3-in-1 feature that re-clocks / regenerates / repeats USB audio datastream. For any and every downstream DAC, REclock technology eliminates jitter. Music flows better, is cleaner, deeper and tauter, just like the real thing.


    USB signal is inherently a balanced signal, however most USB signals are unbalanced to some degree and contaminated by noise. By removing the DC offset and 're-balancing' the USB audio signal, it is now perfectly balanced and noise-free.


    This second hand item is in near-perfect condition and comes equipped with its original box, packaging and charger. 


    Please note that this is for the USB-B termination.



    • USB 3.0 + 2.0 compatible input port, USB2.0 High Speed output port
    • Connectors: iFi ‘FINAL’ USB solid-aluminium connectors (Impedance: 90 ohms) 2.1A
    • Dimensions: 62(l)x19(w)x18(h)mm
    • Weight: 30g (0.1 lbs)

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    iFi Audio iPurifier 2 USB Power SupplyiFi Audio iPurifier 2 USB Power SupplyiFi Audio iPurifier 2 USB Power Supply
    iFi Audio iPurifier 2 USB Power Supply

    iFi Audio iPurifier 2 USB Power Supply - Input

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