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Wireworld Solstice v7 Bulk Speaker Cable

WireWorld Solstice 7 Bulk Speaker Cable
Discontinued | The Listening Post Christchurch
Wireworld Solstice v7 Bulk Speaker CablePurchase OnlinePrice per m: $35.00/m
    not currently available Enquire Now

    This Speaker Cable has been upgraded! Check out the new model
    Wireworld Solstice v8 Speaker Cable


    The Solstice 7 features Wireworld’s unique Quad DNA Helix cable design. Wireworld’s patented DNA Helix design is engineered to minimize electromagnetic loss more effectively than ever before. Their audibly superior designs and materials clearly disprove the common belief that a heavier gauge is all a cable needs.


    Ideal for smaller systems and custom installations, Solstice 7 provides great durability and ease of use, along with surprising improvements in sound quality. This bulk cable can be factory terminated.


    This cable is available in pre-set lengths terminated using Uni-Term interchangeable Gold Spade plugs or Gold Banana plugs. See the listing here.



    • Cable Design: Quad DNA Helix
    • Signal Conductors: Qty: 4 (40 strands) Gauge: 13AWG | 2.5 sq. mm
    • Conductor Material: Oxygen-free Copper
    • Insulation: Composilex 2

    For information on length availability and queries, contact us.

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