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Myryad MXA2150 Modular 4 x 150watt Power Amplifier

Myryad MXA2150
Discontinued | The Listening Post Christchurch
Myryad MXA2150 Modular 4 x 150watt Power AmplifierPurchase OnlinePrice per item: $6,497.00
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    Myryad MXA2150 Modular Power Amplifier


    This FOUR Channel power amp is made up from the flexible (and future expandable) MXA2150 chassis.  This flexible (modular) construction means it can be used for Stereo, or expanded for Home Theatre (or anything in between).
    Its most popular stereo application is for a 4 channel power amp package (Bi-Amp and Bi-Wire).


    • 1 x Chassis with 2 x 150 watts per channel Power Amplifier Modules  
    • 2 x 150watt Power Amplifier Modules (Fixxed))
    Gives a PERFECT performance match and upgrade your STEREO system! 
    Delivers high quality power and control to any bi-wire speakers.

    The MXA2150 features:

    • High output current design, supported by generously rated output transistors and reservoir capacitors and a massive (3.4kg) toroidal transformer for each channel ensures smooth, effortless delivery of power
    • Vishay bulk-foil and 0.1% tolerance feedback resistors for open, transparent and natural sound
    • Each amplifier channel has its own processor monitoring temperature, output current and DC. Any deviation triggers isolation of its loudspeaker output and a status indication on the front panel display
    • 4 separately regulated power supplies for each amplifier channel ensure that all low level circuitry has clean, low-noise power, effectively isolated from the output stages
    • Each channel has a line-out connector allowing easy “daisy-chaining” for bi-amping, tri-amping or multi-room applications


    Price (NZ$)

    MXA1250 Chassis $3,499.00
    150W x 1 (8ohm) $1,499.00
    150 W x 1 (8ohm) $1,499.00


    NOW $4999.00


    Find out more information in the brochure - Myryad MX Series Brochure


    Myryad MXA2150 Modular Power AmplifierMyryad MXA2150 Modular Power Amplifier
    Myryad MXA2150 Modular Power Amplifier

    Myryad MXA2150 Modular Power Amplifier

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