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Moon Neo 350P Pre Amp 400M Power Amplifier Combo

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Moon Neo 350P Pre Amp 400M Power Amplifier ComboPurchase OnlinePrice per item: $24,697.00
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    Moon Neo 350P Pre Amp /w DAC &

    400M Monoblock Power Amplifier Combo


    Moon by Sim Audio is made in Canada have produced some of the world's finest Hi-Fi products. The 350P pre amplifier and the 400M power amplifier, being stunning pieces in their own class, are also engineered to perform symbiotically, with a sum even greater than the parts. These beautifully engineered components look elegant when stacked together, but they also perform transparently, with detail, agility, superb sound staging and imaging.


    This Superb Run-Out Offer Should Not be Missed!


    Package Contents:



    Moon Neo 350P D3 Pre Amplifier with DAC and Phono Stage

    • Fully Featured version of Moon's Neo 350 Pre-amp
    • 7 line-level inputs (3 Line Level Single-Ended & 2 Balanced, in addition to one front-mounted 1/8" mini-jack for personal media players, and a high performance Phono Stage)
    • 4 Digital Inputs, comprising of 1 Optical, 2 Coaxial and USB
    • DSD Support for 64/128/256, PCM to 32/384 Asynchronous
    • Discrete headphone amplifier circuit with the output on a 1/4" TRS jack located on the front panel
    • A full-function monitor loop
    • Fixed (single-ended) and variable (balanced & single-ended) line level outputs
    • IR input for external control
    • SimLink controller port for 2-way communications with other compatible MOON components
    • A symmetrical circuit design
    • Optimized selection of very high quality electronic components
    • Designed to be powered up at all times for optimal performance

    Moon Neo 400M Monoblock Power Amplifier

    • Custom proprietary toroidal transformer design with lower magnetic, electrical and thermal loss, yielding an improved power transfer and lower regulation factor. The result is increased current speed and better dynamics
    • Precision matched proprietary MOON Bipolar output transistors with unprecedented gain linearity, resulting in improved bass response and even more accurate sonic reproduction
    • A high damping factor for superior musical dynamics, improved signal speed and refined timbre accuracy
    • Fully balanced differential circuitry
    • "Class A" output to 10 watts for greater efficiency
    • 12 Volt trigger input/output for remote operations

    More information: Moon Neo 350P Pre Amplifier BrochureMoon Neo 400M Power Amplifier Brochure



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