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Nordost Sort Füt

Nordost Sort Fut
Nordost Sort FütPurchase OnlinePrice per item: $579.00Each
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    Nordost's isolation answer...

    With Nordost's exceptional take on component isolation, users of the products wanted the benefits, but for speakers. Nordost accepted the challenge and introduced to the market, the Sort Fut.
    By de-coupling the speaker from the floor and effectively isolating them, a lot more of your amplifier's energy is translated through into sonic performance rather than making the floor vibrate.
    Nordost has really excelled with their Sort Fut in providing a nice and tidy, well engineered product that really gets the most out of your audio investment.

    • Aluminum and Bronze hybrid construction
    • Finial Dome to minimize effects of vibration
    • 3 Ceramic balls (Zr02) to minimize contact surface area while providing physical stability to components

    Please note these are just as beneficial to your component rack as your loudspeaker.

    While individual units of the Sort Füt are available for purchase, the Premium Package includes all of the tools and instrument instructions necessary to get any system sorted with ease and, more importantly, precision.


    The Premium Package Includes:

    • 4 Sort Füt units
    • Adjustment tool to customize your Sort system to your components
    • Laser leveling system for precise installation
    • 8mm, 6mm, and 1/4-20 threaded adapters

    Individual Units Include 8mm, 6mm, and 1/4-20 Threaded Adapters


    Check out the datasheet - Nordost Sort Systems


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