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Mamma-Maia! Pro-Ject Compact Hi-Fi In Wellington

Pro-Ject Maia DS Integrated Amplifier


We've been having some fun trying out Pro-Ject's compact hi-fi system: The Maia DS Integrated Amp.


If you take a peek inside any full sized hi-fi component nowadays, you will generally find a lot of empty space. That's because they are all made to a standard size, which was set about 40 years ago (when everything was bigger!)


Pro-Ject have done away with the empty space and created a range of compact hi-fi components that pack in all of the features you could possibly expect from any integrated amplifier: Digital inputs, Bluetooth, analogue inputs and of course a very high-quality phono stage, so that you can get the most out of any turntable that you happen to connect.


So the real question is, do they sound any good? (Hint: YES)


It was a pretty quiet Saturday morning here in our Wellington store, so it seemed like time for some "Product Research". We tried a bunch of different bookshelf speakers to get a taste for what the MaiA DS could do.


Surprisingly, even with very good bookshelf speakers, the MaiA DS never seemed strained, but was quite clean and detailed with well-detailed bottom end. If you're in the market for a compact and great sounding audio system, come see us in Christchurch or Wellington and have a listen to this little amp. We certainly enjoyed it!


Pro-Ject MaiA DS Integrated Amplifier Pro-Ject MaiA DS Integrated Amplifier Pro-Ject MaiA DS Integrated Amplifier
Pro-Ject MaiA DS Integrated Amplifier

Pro-Ject MaiA DS Integrated Amplifier



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