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Oppo's HA-2 Arrives In Store.

Today we received our first order of Oppo's HA-2s.



The new portable Headphone Amp / DAC is geared up to give you the best possible audio from your mobile device. Whether you wave the flag for Android or iOS, the HA-2 has got you covered.

USB connectivity is offered to iOS devices, Android and even your PC or Mac. Featuring ESS' revered 9018-K2M (A power concious variant of the same DAC featured in their HA-1 and BDP-105D) as well as 3000mAh battery and a very capable headphone driving stage, the HA-2 is aimed to give your headphones the source and power they deserve for up to 7 hours.


Opening the packaging reveals the product at hand and a not so standard USB wall plug (5V at 5A) FIVE AMPS.
This means you can be fully charged in just an hour and a half.


Oppo is also kind enough to give you all the connections you'll need.

  • USB OTG cable for Android
  • USB to Lightening Connector for iOS
  • USB A to Micro for charging as well as connecting to your PC or Mac
  • A 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable for the few devices not supported by the DAC.

Immaculately finished, the fit and feel of this product is superb, not to mention it's looks.

My phone plugged and played straight away without any difficulty. Connecting up Audio-Technica's famed m50x and first impressions were very impressive.

Clean, articulate and well controlled but without any real sign of clinical edge. I won't go into much depth here, as always, it's best to come and have a listen for yourself.

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