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OPPO's Latest Reference Universal Player

OPPO UDP-205 4K UHD Blu-ray Player

You can view the UDP-205 on our website here: OPPO UDP-205


Throw it any disc, then sit back and be stunned...


In what is probably one of the most anticipated product launches in the home theatre world, we have just received our first shipment of OPPO's new high end UHD Blu-Ray and Audio Players. OPPO has developed quite a reputation for products that are far better than anything else on the market, so it's fair to say we had high expectations for this one.


The UDP-205 is billed as an "Ultra HD Audiophile Blu-ray Disc Player". This means that nearly any disc you throw at the UDP-205 will be made to sound and look its very best. We put the OPPO through its paces to see if it really is as good as the packaging says.


OPPO UDP-205 Packaging OPPO UDP-205 Packaging


As always with OPPO products, the overall build and packaging quality is way off the scale. There is no other audio product on the market that is this well-built and sensibly priced.


UHD Playback:


Many of the first UHD players have been plagued by teething issues. This seems to stem from both loosely-defined standards and the huge number of different options and quality levels of displays, cables and other devices being connected. OPPO's attitude regarding the UDP-205 has been to wait a little longer, first ensuring that the product will work with just about any device on the market.


It seems OPPO really have ironed everything out to a crisp and pleasant experience. Playing HDR through our projector was actually done very well by adjusting the "target luminance", a handy new feature that we predict will help a lot of people.


The video experience was absolutely first-rate. If anyone is looking for a stable and beautiful picture, I doubt there is anything currently on the market that comes close to the UDP-205.


Another bonus was that the OPPO was very quick to load and play, even with UHD Blu-Rays, which have been slow on many of the other players I have tried.


OPPO UDP-205 4K UHD Blu-ray Player


Audio Quality


OPPO's BDP-105 was certainly no slouch. It was widely regarded as having the best audio quality of any mass market Blu-ray Player. Not content resting on their laurels, OPPO have significantly revamped this side of things. The analogue audio section has been heavily re-thought, with ESS's latest 9038Pro D/A converter.


There is no denying that the UDP-205 can compete with some of the very best CD players and digital-to-analogue converters on the market. It has been very difficult to fault the Oppo UDP-205 on sound quality. I personally couldn't see much that could actually be improved. The sound was exceptionally clean and detailed.


The audio streaming side appears to be much improved over the last generation. The new Oppo UDP-20X app is very snappy and a pleasant experience to use. One thing that I would really have liked to see in the new app is the ability to control the volume of the pre-amplification stage, without digging too deep into the settings. Maybe this could come in a future firmware update.


OPPO UDP-205 Rear Panel



Unboxing Video






I really like the UDP-205. I couldn't be more pleased with the overall quality of this player. Considering the price-point, anyone looking to keep their system simple with an eye on sound quality owes it to themselves (and to their system) to try the UDP-205.


Both our Christchurch and Wellington branches are keeping very healthy stocks of the UDP-205 (and its little brother, the UDP-203), so feel free to swing by the store and see them for yourself.



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