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Dynaudio announces new "Evoke" series


Dynaudio has announced a brand new series of loudspeakers. The Danish manufacturer has today announced the Evoke series - replacing the current Excite line up.

The Evoke series comprise of two floorstanding speakers (Evoke 30 and Evoke 50), two standmount speakers (Evoke 10 and Evoke 20) and a centre channel, the Evoke 25c.


The Evoke series is completely new, featuring new drivers, new cabinetry, new voice coils and a new sound. However, these are still unequivocally Dynaudio. High end build quality, attention to detail without losing the big picture and a passion for making great speakers.


Some of the improvements include;

  • New Cerotar tweeters, using a ceramic-ferrite magnet to increase linearity and extension.
  • Esotar3 drive units, borrowed from the Special 40
  • New finishes


A commitment to research and development.

The Evoke series is the product of research and development into the newest Confidence series showcased at The High End Show in Munich, 2018. Technology breakthroughs, and the development of Dynaudio's new testing facility Jupiter has allowed Dynaudio to really propel their abilities.


The Listening Post is excited to see (and hear) these in person, April 2019.


"Music should last a lifetime. With Evoke, it will."








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