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More changes at The Listening Post Wellington

Some of you may have noticed the changes going on here at Sound Expression.

We've been shuffling things around in the shop, if you haven't been by in a while, you should! There's been a lot of work creating a visual 'flow', allowing some of the products to have a little bit more space, and giving ourselves the ability to quickly connect and demonstrate almost anything in the shop.

Some Q Acoustics on wall speakers were installed in Demo Lounge 1 to provide demonstration of 5.1 with compact speakers. We've also used the London Acoustic Panels on the wall to control some of the odd acoustics in the smaller room. There is a stereo on the right hand side of the room as well, allowing us to easily put together a couple of components for stereo demonstrations. Soon we will be adding some in wall speakers to further showcase our abilities with custom installation.

Demo lounge 2 has had some acoustic treatment in the form of the Diffuser panels from Acoustic Architecture. These help immensely with controlling some of the stray reverberations in the space, which makes a big difference for stereo listening as well as home theatre. The projector in this space will be moved to the back of the room, and in the future will be complimented with both a fixed frame screen and a motorized screen that will roll away when not in use.


The Original Shop After a Tidy Up The Stereo wall being painted Current wide vew of the shop floor View of Demo Lounge 1 during the Tidy Up View of Demo Lounge 1 currently Another view of Demo Lounge 1 currently I just wanted to tidy up Demo Lounge 2 a bit Demo Lounge 2 as it looks now Demo Lounge 2 Stereo Current view of the counter The headphone area getting painted The headphone area during the shifing of stuff around Our Headphone area Another view of the shop during the tidy up The same wall, now a Yamaha Display
The Original Shop

Some of you may recognize the original shop...


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