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Moon releases a new headphone amplifier.


On the tails of Moon's incredibly well received 430HA comes their latest offering in the headphone amplifier market, the Moon NEO 230 HAD.

Simaudio's marketing Gurus put it best in this excerpt;

"Technologically, it’s a trickle-down from the State-of-the-Art MOON Neo 430HA, widely known and accepted as simply the world’s best headphone amplifier. So it has DNA from its reference-quality sibling. And you can hear it too.

Want DSD? Got it. Native, double-rate and even quad-rate (DSD256).  Want PCM? Yep. That too. Up to 32-bit/384kHz. How about power?  1,000mW per channel into a punishing 50-ohm load. Remote control, analog inputs, and even preamp outputs so you can use it as a pre-amplifier in your main system! And the sound? Impressive dynamics. Tonally accurate. Clean, muscular, organic and musical. Build quality? Second to none. Wow. A tremendous value. In every way, a MOON. 


Oh, and one final tidbit of DNA to demonstrate its MOON heritage:  it is made in Canada"

Pricing is set to be $2500 RRP, priced slightly above the competition: The Oppo HA-1, however given Moon's incredibly well performing integrated amplifiers and rich history in digital circuitry, I can safely say this will be worth every penny.

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