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The Simple Audio update is here!



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The Simple Audio update has arrived! This has been a long time coming, but Simple Audio now supports Twonky! We have been playing around a bit, and it seems to work quite well with Squeezebox and MiniDLNA.

The digital output has also been enabled, allowing all of those audiophiles to use their high-quality DACs.

Deezer, a new music service for NZ, has been added. For more information on this, visit them online: Deezer

With all of this, it's obvious that you will need to update the desktop controller, the IOS devices (iPad or iPhone), and the firmware on the Roomplayers. It is important to note that while you can use the desktop controller to start the update on the Roomplayers, you will still have to manually download the new software, uninstall the previous version and install the new version (though running the new installer automatically uninstalls the old version for you). I skipped this step initially and couldn't figure out why the passive Roomplayers weren't working! To get Twonky (or your favourite UPNP server) going, you will need to go to the desktop controller (you're not free of it yet!) and into the System > Preferences and make sure "Enable access to DLNA networked media libraries".

Then, go to your iPhone or iPad and go to the App store and update your app there. Once you've done that, go into the general settings, scroll down to "Simple Audio", and turn non-Twonky Support "On". Then, you will need to reboot your phone.

After that, when you start up the Simple Audio app, you should be greeted with a as yet unfamiliar icon - Deezer. You can now 'swipe' to the left to access 'Network' and 'Line-In'.

Network should show you any DLNA capable servers on your network, and it's where you will find Twonky.


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