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Q Acoustics 2000i Series speakers


Q Acoustics 2000i Series


The all new, multi-award wining Q Acoustics 2000i series is built upon the incredible 2000 series, and expands upon the strengths in much the same way that the 2000 series was an evolution of the 1000 series.


The new improved speakers deliver an unrivaled lift in sonic performance and extraordinary value for money. Q Acoustics believe they are the very best affordable loudspeakers they have ever produced.


Every part of the speakers is bespoke, optimised specifically for each new model. The tweeter, bass/midrange drivers, magnets, cone mass, cone rigidity, cone material, crossovers, terminal panel and fully braced cabinets are all designed with the sole purpose of creating the very best performing, lowest distortion, affordable loudspeakers available.


So an evolution, with everything but the look re-engineered. 


Beware though: Closely inspect any "Deals" going on Q-Acoustic speakers. There is anecdotal evidence that people are being sold the older 2000 series, believing them to be the much better 2000i's.

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