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Furman power technology proving it's worth...



Power, noise and it's effect on audio and video equipment is increasingly obvious, protecting equipment is finally gaining the traction and attention that is required. We are faced with an exponential increase of noise on your power network, from a plethora of electronic devices, including many with potentially very noisy (albeit efficient) switch mode power supplies which can contaminate your other equipment. There has been a realisation that our power networks constantly fluctuate, producing spikes that can either immediately damage, or substantially affect the life and reliability of your favourite equipment...


"There has been a realisation that our power networks constantly fluctuate, producing spikes that can either immediately damage, or substantially affect the life and reliability of your favourite equipment..."


As with any solution, there are products that do the job, and there are products that do the job brilliantly.


Furman has proven itself to be a master at equipment protection and noise reduction, to the point that I've been inspired to write about the results of a regular client who has fallen in love with Furman.

Furmans Elite 16 Laid Bare


We had a good conversation about the results we can get by upgrading power cablesQuality Power cables are a brilliant way to gradually improve your system, granting improved dynamics and a cleaner background for your music. We then had a conversation about taking a slightly more dramatic leap, a product that had a broader approach to power issues, but as such was a greater upfront investment.


The client decided to take the Furman Elite 16 home and experiment with what it could achieve. Initially I agreed he could have the unit over the weekend, but we soon realised the store would be on reduced trading for our recent renovations, so he was able to play with it for a whole week...


I was delighted to hear from the client first thing on Monday morning, he had such sense of conviction and admiration for the product, he was immediately prepared to proceed with a purchase, such was his delight! His experience was a dramatically lower noise floor, deeper bass and an ultra smooth high frequency extension, all potentially more beneficial than a significant amplifier upgrade. An absolute must have!


"...all potentially more beneficial than a significant amplifier upgrade. An absolute must have!"


He noted the improvements were massively noticeable when playing records and the client was also impressed with the IEC cable adaptors that allowed an easy way to tidy up his power cable tangle!


One of the many strengths of the Furman is the Ultra-Linear filtering technology. Unlike many other filtrations systems, the Furman manages to filter without the negative effects on frequency response and accuracy that plague many other devices.


The sonic benefits were great enough, when considered with the immediate protection the Furman offers, plus the long term positive potential on product lifespan, the choice was clear.


This client's Furman success continues, a little later. For now a couple of points about the strengths of the Elite 16;

  • Power Factor Technology provides over 80 Amps peak charge surplus current for power-starved amplifiers
  • Ultra-Linear Filtering Technology for stunning audio and video clarity
  • Series Multi-Stage Protection provides virtually maintenance-free AC surge suppression Zero ground contamination circuitry protects critical digital components
  • Ultrasonic bi-filtering isolates digital and video circuits from analog components.
  • High current outputs for up to four amplifiers or subwoofers



This same client after living with the Elite 16 a few weeks then arrived at the conclusion that his second system also needed attention. This system is the more modest of the two and utilises the great value ATI 1202 power amplifier.


We've been trying to solve a hum problem for this client for some time with no success. All his gear has been tested, and tried in different combinations, but the little gremlin persisted.

The Furman IT Reference's insane internals


The client could not justify an Elite 16 on his second system so we decided he should try the Elite 10 as a more accessible choice. Once again the positive effects were immediate, including removing the gremlin hum that had annoyed for so long! The client once again experienced the most noticeable effect listening to records.


BAM! And the dirty power is GONE!


And thus, this client proceeded with his second Furman product within weeks. We are always deeply satisfied when we can provide such an inspiring solution or product to our enthusiastic music lovers!



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