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Cocktail Audio's new X40



We have sold the first few units of the fantastic Cocktail Audio X40, the follow up and upgrade from the very successful Cocktail Audio X30.


The X30 hits the nail on the head in so many ways. It is a very flexible product, with so many ways to utilise it. As a stand alone product, or as part of a system, the X30 has it covered now, or for other solutions in the future.

The real beauty stems from a fresh company with innovative ideas getting a product to market that represents superb value for money. This negates any idea that one might be paying for a feature you don't need.


Simply put, the Cocktail Audio X30 is superb value for money, and the best simple solution to bulk rip and store your music.


We're regularly taking queries from people about whether streaming is right for them, and concerned that mass market stores are telling people that CD is dead. These clients are also concerned, because they don't want to use a computer to RIP their CD's. The Cocktail Audio products allow you to walk up with a CD, select a RIP option and store your music within the device. For a more advanced solution you could also use it as a storage based solution for your other files too! It fits with my personal belief that you can keep your CD's but also have the benefits of streaming, and allows the user to do it all at their own pace.


I find that when in a demo, people are attracted to and intrigued by the Cocktail, helping themselves to explore the unit when left alone in one of our demo rooms.


It also fits with buying the hard copy CD and having control of the “recording” process, and being left with something tangible, whether you keep it on display or tuck it away for safe keeping.


The X40 improves on the X30 in several key ways.

  • The power supply has been upgraded to a low noise toroidal power supply
  • The X40 loses the internal amplifier, increasing purity of signal
  • A larger display that is easier to read from a distance
  • 8mm Front panel contributing to an overall stiffer chassis
  • Balanced outputs including balanced digital

Upgraded (ES9018K2M Sabre³² Reference) DAC and DSD support


Clearly the X40 is the pure true audio grade music hub solution. In one of the installs I have already done, we went one step further and used the X40 as a streamer/storage and transport, passing the signal through a Bryston BDA-1 DAC for a superb result. Smoother than the clients Oppo using direct CD playback, better dynamic subtlety, and smoother high frequencies. The X40 really cemented it's potential as a high end source when combined with this superb external DAC.


Note, for those looking for the convenience of the X30 and X40 but wanting to do it on a lower budget, the Cocktail Audio X10 is still available for a short time, and is a cracking good solution at low cost!


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