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Castle speakers: the newest addition to TLP Christchurch


The newest addition to the family!


Here in Christchurch we are excited to welcome Castle speakers to the range!


Our wellington store has stocked Castle for some time now, and the staff there are big fans of the brand. But down in Christchurch there wasn't space for another brand until now. 

On Wednesday we received our first shipment of speakers from Castle. Six pallets worth!


We have the Knight series, the most popular range from Castle. They represent an entry level price bracket when compared with our other brands, but perform incredibly well for the dollar. Arguably one of the best deals in store.


We now stock in Christchurch

  • Knight 1
  • Knight 2
  • Knight 3
  • Knight 4
  • Knight 5
  • Lincoln Sub
  • Lincoln Centre 2


Now that we have them, time to burn them in!


Here is Demo Lounge 2 taken over by Castle!

We put about 36 hours of exercise on these new speakers before we had a play with them.


Here is Demo Lounge 2 taken over by Castle!

We put about 36 hours of exercise on these new speakers before we had a play with them.


Giving some time to the new Dynaudio additions to the range too. The X38 and the Focus 380. Impressive stuff.


After nearly 2 days locked in a room with various genres of CD on repeat, 1 CD player, 1 intgrated amp and 4 power amps, these speakers are ready.





It's important to give any new speakers a work-out to ensure the surrounds aren't too stiff and everything is sounding the way it is designed to. That said though, you don't need 5 amplifiers to do it right, we just like over-doing things when we can!


With our new speakers (Castle and Dynaudio) with a good chunk of time on them, we spent yesterday enjoying them and needless to say we're impressed. 


Come in store some time and check out the Castle range if you haven't before, and see the new beauties from Dynaudio as well.We think you'll enjoy them too!


-Edwin Thompson




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