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Audioengine now in The Listening Post Wellington & Christchurch

Audioengine A5 Promo


The Listening Post is proud to announce we are now dealers for Audioengine.

Designed in the USA, Audioengine has made its name synonymous with premium desktop audio, offering a wide range of active speakers, DACs and other great 'problem solvers'.


Audioengine does incredibly well to offer a fairly decent full range sound for near field listening and more 'intimate' spaces.


First impressions are great, every product has a killer feature and fits perfectly into the market it was designed for.

We will be stocking an extensive range between the two stores as well as listing all products on our website.




AudioEngine A2+ Lifestyle pic

AudioEngine A2+


These little guys were far smaller than I actually imagined, but they still packed a pretty impressive punch and the imaging was surprisingly good for something at this price point. I can see these being extremely popular as a nice set of computer speakers.


Audioengine D1



AudioEngine D1 Portable DAC /  Headphone Amplifier


This guy is surprisingly flexible! One feature that almost nothing I know of at the price point actually has is the variable output RCA connectors. This makes it perfect for connecting to active speakers like the Paradigm Shift A2s that don't have their own volume controls. The headphone amplifier sounded pretty good and had no trouble driving even quite hard to drive headphones like the Sennheiser HD700.


Audioengine A5+ Best


AudioEngine A5+ 


I'd heard these speakers quite extensively previously, and just like my previous impression, this is a very impressive speaker for the money. The stereo imaging in particular was very accurate, with clear placement of instruments. The dynamics and details are also very exciting for something at this size and price point. Very cool!



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